Who's That Tibetan Terrier?



Welcome to our page.


Have you ever looked at your Tibetan Terrier's pedigree and wondered what a certain dog looked like?

Are you planning on breeding from your Tibetan Terrier and want to research their pedigree beforehand?

Are you interested in the breed, and want to have a look at how the dogs have developed over the years?

Then this is the website for you!

Designed as a reference point, and not to encourage people to breed in any way, we hope this website will be a useful tool to educate the more "novice" TT enthusiast in to the background of their dog's pedigree.

We hope that all the information on this page is accurate, but we are only human, and mistakes can be made.

If you suspect an error, please feel free to email us using the links on every page, and we will endevour to rectify the problem.


If you happen to own one of the dogs featured on this site, and would prefer not to be included, please let us know. Also, If you would like to have additional info/photos added, please feel free to contact us.

This is very much an experimental website in it's early development, but it is hoped that one day it will contain all UK Champions plus influential breeding stock (because not every dog wants to be a show dog - doesn't make them any less fabulous!).

However for the time being, as there is a "Tibetan Terrier Champions 1938 -1988" book  (with an additional pamphlet of 1989 champions) still available from the Tibetan Terrier Association, we shall focus this website on the dogs from 1990 onwards.

Hope you enjoy your visit!