Who's That Tibetan Terrier?


Ch Waterley Partypiece

Colour : White & Black  

Sex : Bitch

Breeder : Messers M W James & G R Davies

Owner : Mr M W James

C.C.'s : 6        Reserve C. C.'s : 4     B. O. B.'s : 4   1 x G2   1 x G3

2 x PG1


Title gained :2019



Ch Barnstorm Waterley United by Dzine



Waterley Kick Ass Two

Am Ch Barnstorm Sim-Pa Caught On The Fly by Dzine

Am Ch Barnstorm's Becuz I'm Wicked by Dzine

Multi Ch Kybo Kickboxer

Waterley Fab'ULush

Am Ch Cedar C Barnstorm L & D Edition

Am Ch Barnstorm Sim-Pa Ly Sparkles by Dzine

Am Ch Sunclipse Becuz Chix Dig It

Am Ch Barnstorm Sim-Pa No Rest For The Wicked by Dzine

Ch Bacardi of Darkness at Alilah (imp)

Ch Kybo Kung Fu Panda

Multi Ch Waterley Dressed to Impress

Ch Kyipo Stary Night at Waterley

Waterley Partypiece